Can the Right Metrics Guarantee Results?

Sep 16, 2021
Can the Right Metrics Guarantee Results?

I had a client express their frustration with missed goals.  They set goals.  They communicated the goals.  They were not seeing results.  This was frustrating enough – but they also didn’t know where the miss was.


Successful leaders establish clear goals.  Successful leaders do a great job communicating those goals to the organization.  Those leaders often motivate their teams by saying “here are our goals for the year, and we can’t achieve them without you.  You are the key to our success.  You will make the difference!”  The team is excited, motivated, inspired.  But does the team understand what they can do to help the organization achieve their goals?


There are 3 different types of measures that you should have in your business to set organizational goals, understand how steps within a process impact the organization goals, and ensure that achieving one favorable metric does not negatively impact another metric.


Output Metrics

These are often referred to as results measurements.  These are measurements you get frustrated with missing.  Includes things like sales, profit, expenses. 


Balancing Metrics

These are needed to make sure that the focus on improving one metric doesn’t negatively impact another metric.  Common balancing metrics would include customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction.  You will often see a risk to satisfaction if an organization becomes too focused on speed, cost savings or revenue generation. 


Process Metrics

These look at the steps within a process that inform the output metric.  You cannot improve on a metric like revenue unless you look at the process steps.  In the case of the sales process – how many calls are you making, how many appointments are you scheduling, how many proposals are you making, how many sales are you closing, how many sales are you retaining?   If you tell someone to improve their sales – they need to understand where things are going off the rails.  With process measures in place you can understand that maybe your proposal is not compelling – and while you are placing calls, scheduling appointments and making proposals - you are just challenged with closing sales.  Now you know where to focus. 

It’s important to establish metrics your employees can directly affect and that tier up to the broader organizational goals.  You need to establish how you expect your processes to perform.  Because it is invariably the process and not the person.  You need to identify the behaviors you want your employees to perform that will allow the organization to reach its goals.

Without process measures … when your organization does not achieve the results you set out to achieve - you have no idea where to start in understanding WHY you missed the mark.  Not only may it be difficult, it may be impossible.  

When you have the appropriate measures in place in doesn’t take too long to find the cause for a missed target.  And once you know where the challenge is – you know how to focus your improvement efforts. 


Let's Recap

What are you measuring?  Are your metrics actionable?  In order to meet your goals, the people on the front line need to have goals they can relate to and goals that their behavior can influence. 


If you don’t have the right metrics in place – I hope you now know WHY it’s important and are energized to move forward.  And being the expert in your business you appreciate WHAT is needed to be put into place.  But the details can be overwhelming and the HOW may not be crystal clear.

Don’t worry.  I get it and I’d love to work with you and your team to put the process and balance metrics in place so that you can achieve big results. 

Or maybe you’re not missing results, but you’re ready to set BIGGER goals and you’re ready to launch NEW work.  Let’s work together to get the right metrics in place to ensure success! Check out why it makes sense for us to partner!   


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