How to Position Your New Hire for Long Term Success

Dec 09, 2021
How to Position Your New Hire for Long Term Success

I bet you are doing a lot of hiring these days.  Or maybe you’re trying to do a lot of hiring.  At the core of it there are three solutions to The Great Resignation of 2021 – figure out how to keep your people, find a way to get new people, make changes so that you can get by with less people.  As usual – it’s all about people.  When it’s all about people – it starts with leadership. 


That time right after an employee has been hired, the honeymoon period, can be really touch and go.  There are lots of first impressions being made.  You want to make sure the employee is happy.  You want to make sure they are productive and contributing. You want them to feel like part of their work family.  You want to make sure they stay!  


I’ve got some recommendations to share, with one caveat.  Part of what you're doing during the new hire period is validating you made a good hiring decision.  Keep that in mind as you're following these recommendations.  If it’s not a right fit hire – the sooner you figure that out the better.  For your sake, their sake and the sake of the entire team and business – you must address that quickly.  More on that in a future blog.  Now back to our regular programming.


Hire the right people

Don’t allow your desperation to fill positions to lead you down the path of hiring someone that is not right for the job.  There are volumes of articles written about recruiting.  I'm not going to tell you where to find the folks – but I can make some recommendations on what to look for. 

  • It has to be a fit with your company’s core values. If the candidate is not aligned with your company’s values you can either not hire them now, or deal with the misalignment later. 
  • They may not have the technical skillset that you need for the job, but they need to have the capacity to do the job. Have you heard the phrase that you have to look past the resume, or past the briefcase?
  • You need to understand what your team is missing – is there a gap that you are trying to fill?


For more on talent optimization – drop me a line and we can talk specifically about how to bring data to people management, and how we can align your people strategy to your business strategy to meet your financial goals.  #certifiedtalentoptimizer 


Be honest about the role

Tell candidates what the role is really like.  If you are hiring someone to talk to upset customers, make sure the candidates know it’s not going to be all rainbows and unicorns.  If there is a lot of outbound calls and lots of rejection, the candidate needs to be prepared for that.  If it’s long hours or travel involved – important to know.  If they are applying for a lifeguard job, make sure they know it’s not Baywatch – they may have to save people’s lives.  Some hiring leaders are hesitant to be too real about the job because candidates may be scared off.  Better to be realistic and hire someone that understands the job.  You will be back where you started, and out training costs, if you hire them and they leave once they understand the job.


Show them some love

Lately I’ve read a few LinkedIn posts from folks who are part of The Great Resignation of 2021 comparing their old job to their new job.  The reason they left their previous job … leadership.  What are they gushing about with their new job … leadership … and they way in which they were welcomed to their new job.  When you hire someone new – make their arrival an experience.  Provide a well thought out training itinerary.  Buy them lunch.  Make sure their work space is neat, tidy, welcoming.  Reinforce that accepting a job with you was the right move!  This can be even more important, and challenging, in a remote environment.  I've got some tips specifically for this growing group of new hires.  Check out my blog How Do You Motivate and Reward Employees You Don't See?


Train them right

Key to an employee’s job is performing their role.  So often you hear of training that is merely very task oriented.  Training is so much more than that.  Your employees need to know not just what to do in their job, but your expectations for how they do it.  For example at Disney, you are not only trained on the technical aspect of your role, but also (and not limited to) the Disney Service Basics, the Four Keys, the company culture, and the heritage and traditions that shape Disney as a company. 


Check-in regularly

Your employees need to hear from and see leadership regularly.  This comes in a number of formal and informal settings.

  • Provide general visibility.  Ensure employees feel comfortable approaching leadership in passing in the hallway, in the break-room, over lunch, in conversation before and after meetings. Lots can be accomplished and learned in these informal settings.  
  • Hold regular staff meetings where you gather as a team, hear updates about the business, learn from each other and about each other. These can be held in person or virtually and accomplish similar goals. 
  • Implement a 30, 60, 90-day check-in process. Structure it such that leaders are consistently learning about the employee’s experience (training, onboarding, team fit), but keep it informal enough that the employee feels comfortable sharing openly more than what is being asked.  This check-in process should provide early warning indicators.  Is additional training needed, is there a skillset mismatch, is there a less than welcoming team or company culture?  It can also bring to light if you are underutilizing the new employee - maybe they have more to offer the organization!
  • Establish a mentoring program. Connect your new employee with a more tenured employee, either a peer or someone more senior, that can help them settle into their new groove, learn the ropes within the company and find a sense a belonging.  Employees will often feel more open to share with their mentor than their direct leader. 
  • Keep virtual employees top of mind. These check-ins are critical for remote new hires.  Follow these tips to stay connected and ensure those employees feel like part of their new work family.  


What’s Next?

You need to walk in your new hire’s shoes.  How close are you to the recruiting, onboarding and training process?  Are your new employees getting the TLC needed to ensure long term success?  There are costs involved with hiring a new employee - recruiting, interviewing, training expenses, lost productivity - which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per hire.  If you are in a position to be hiring new employees – it should be a priority to hire the right employees and retain the right employees.  The entire hiring and onboarding process is an investment in their success and ultimately your success.   


Where you might get stuck

Do you have the time and resources needed to assess your existing process?  Are those resources too close to the process to notice the shortcomings?  You need someone that can dissect the process, pinpoint gaps and prioritize recommendations to improve the new hire experience. 

If you’re ready to take action and develop a structure that truly treats the hiring and onboarding process as an investment, I encourage you to Book a call to see how we can work together

Whether it’s an assessment of your existing process, a roadmap for improvement or simply facilitating your leadership team through a work session to discover your gaps – I’d love to help YOU develop a process that makes the most of your hiring and onboarding investment.


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