How to Declutter Your To Do List

Dec 16, 2021
How to Declutter Your To Do List

Have you seen the Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings?  It’s fabulous!  I highly recommend it.  There is a great quote that really resonated with me, "If You Aim At Nothing, You Hit Nothing."  They were explicitly talking about shooting a bow and arrow.  And implicitly it was about the direction of your life.  You can see the parallel with business.  In fact, I thought a great follow-up would be “if you aim at everything you aim at nothing”.  And as a result, “If you aim at everything you hit nothing”.  So many business leaders are aiming at everything, or nothing. 


The To Do List Mentality

Do you have a to do list?   I love to do lists, but often people hide behind to do lists.  They think if they keep busy it will look like they are being productive.  Two completely different things!  Busy is frantic, unfocused, without a view of what’s ahead.  Productive is planful, aimed at a goal, with an eye to the future. 

I’ve seen so many folks pride themselves on how busy they are, how full their calendar is, how many things they complete on their to do list.  There was a recent LinkedIn survey asking the reader’s opinion as to whether you have to work 50 hours a week to be successful and get promoted.  I was disappointed to see how many folks answered yes, they think it is necessary to work 50 hours.  I recall a time when I was working and was told to ensure all leaders knew it was the expectation that they work 50 hours. 

It’s not about the quantity of hours worked, it’s about the QUALITY of those hours worked!    


Things We Can Learn From Candy Crush

I was playing Candy Crush earlier this week.  I know I’m about 10 years behind in the world of apps.  But yes, I was playing Candy Crush.  For anyone that doesn’t know about Candy Crush – the concept is that you swap the graphic candy pieces to create links of 3 pieces of candy and they disappear.  That is what you do, it’s not why you do it.  Each board gives you a goal you are trying to reach.  Maybe it’s to clear the opaque cubes.  Maybe it’s to drop a certain number of cherries.  Maybe it’s to use a certain number of “special” tiles.  And of course, there are a limited number of moves.  So, I was playing and the board I was on was covered with a background of opaque cubes.  I immediately start using my limited number of moves to crush all of the opaque cubes.  And I didn’t succeed.  So, I try again.  And again.  When suddenly I look up at the top left corner where the goal is shown – I was supposed to be crushing purple and red cubes.  All this time I was working on this board and I was working on the wrong goal.  I was busy, busy, busy crushing candy.  I was not working toward the goal.  I was not being productive.  I didn’t reach my goal.   Once I knew the goal, I focused on the goal, I was productive and met the goal (cleared the board).  


So What? 

The new year is fast approaching.  It's a time to reflect on the last year and make plans for next year.  What are your goals?  How do you plan to reach those goals?  Are you being productive by taking actions to reach your goal?  Or are you mired down, busy with the day to day and trying to come up for air? 

One of things I love to do most is bring order to chaos, clarity to confusion.  If you’re leading a fractured or fragmented operation and you’re looking to start 2022 being productive rather than busy – schedule a free strategy session with me where we can talk about how to get you out of a “to do” mindset and allow you to start looking forward.  My passion for efficiency helps clients do more with less, get to the finish line more quickly, eliminate false starts and maximize resources.  Let 2022 be the year you define a goal, work towards a goal and knock it out of the park.  Clear the clutter. 


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