Getting Structured for Success Without Wasting Time or Resources

Jul 20, 2021
Success Through Structure

Now that you used the heart and mind questions to build a communication plan that got your team onboard - you are ready to move fast. 

Bringing your vision to reality is a project.  Launching a big idea is a project.  All successful projects require structure.  The first step in establishing structure is organizing people.  

I’ve seen this done really well.  Everyone knows their role.   Everyone understands the expectations.  Challenges are quickly addressed.  There is a sense of accomplishment as milestones are reached.  All of the oars are rowing in the same direction – towards a common goal. 

I’ve seen this step skipped, or done poorly, and it is reflected in the results (or lack of results!).  They are not aligned on what you are working towards.  Half the time “everyone” wastes time tripping over each other duplicating efforts.  Half the time “everyone” thinks “someone” else is doing the work and important steps are missed.  Barriers stall progress.  People get frustrated, other priorities distract and the project derails.  Worst of all – your big, brilliant idea dies a tragic and unnecessary death. 

You want to bring your vision to life without wasting time or resources.  It may seem like a very overused phrase – but you have to slow down to go fast.  The time you invest in establishing project governance, and differentiating those responsibilities from the project team responsibilities, will be paid back to you in a successful realization of your big idea! 

Step 1 – Get Your Team Onboard

✅ – using my 20 heart and mind communication questions, the team is onboard.  They are excited to move forward and be advocates to bring your big idea to life!

Step 2 – Design a Governance Structure/ Build a Project Team

As I mentioned in my blog, 5 Steps to Turn Your Idea in to Implemented Reality – many people think a governance structure and project team are the same things.  They are not

Let’s talk about why both of these groups are necessary, and what they are responsible for. 

Governance Structure

How important is the realization of this vision?  When do you need it done?  What are you willing to invest to see that it is done?  How will you know that it’s been done well? 

These are all questions the governance board will answer before you launch a project.  It’s important that the governance board members are in agreement with the answers to these questions.  If they are not – it could sabotage your results. 

The governance board is responsible for ensuring the success of the project.  They should stay close enough to the project team to ensure they are aware of any risk of the project going of course.  But far enough away to let the project team do the work they are charged with doing. 

How they stay connected is up to you.  It will likely be a combination of virtual updates, ad hoc communication as decisions are needed or unexpected barriers need to be addressed, and formal check-ins at pre-determined milestones to ensure the project is progressing as planned from a schedule, budget and output perspective. 

The governance board should be made up of the project sponsor (that’s YOU), a steering committee, and the project manager.  The steering committee is a cross-functional group of executives that have a vested interest in the success of the project.  The project manager is the connection between the governance board and the project team. 

Project Team

They do (most of) the work.  These individuals can be 100% committed to the project, or may support the project as a part of the day-to-day job.  This is typically a cross-functional team that is empowered by the governance team to develop a project plan, establish timelines, track the budget and execute the action items required to implement the work.  The project team will be given guardrails as to when they must bring decisions to the governance team for review – things like budget overages or slipping timelines. 

Why do I say “most of” the work will be done by the project team?  The project team will likely be limited is size.  But based on their responsibilities they may have additional functional sub-teams to ensure subject matter expertise.  Depending of how far reaching your vision is – are you looking to reinvent your sales structure, are you establishing a new compensation system, are you rethinking your approach to hiring, are you revolutionizing customer service – the number of people involved in the project work will vary greatly. 

You may be thinking … this is all well and good, but I know myself, I am never going to do this.  It’s too much structure, too many details.  I’ve got more ideas in my head, ready to put to paper. 

Once again – the WHY makes sense – who wants to waste time or money, or risk success.  And the WHAT of getting the right team in place to make it happen – seems logical, right?  This can feel like a lot of work, it is an investment in the success of your vision.  But you may be shaking your head asking – HOW?

No need to stress!  Let me handle those details while you focus on the vision.  I am the details person who can connect the dots, generate traction and get your vision on the road to implementation!

When you’ve got the team onboard you’ve got the governance and project structure in place, then what’s next?  Check my other blogs where we talk about #3 creating a project plan, #4 developing a communication plan, and #5 measuring your success. 

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Let’s do this!

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