5 Steps to Sustain Big Wins

Aug 11, 2021
5 Steps to Sustain BIG WINS

Wow!   Having launched that big idea feels so rewarding.  Bringing that vision to reality required a ton of effort.  And – you made it!  The organization has embraced the future, they’ve operationalized the change, you’ve turned skeptics into advocates who are bringing your vision to life.  What a waste if folks slipped back to the old ways, strayed from the new path, and you lost all the ground you gained.  Let’s not let that happen! 


What gets measured gets done.  You’ve heard that before, right?  What gets measured gets done.  I’ve seen lots of project management methodologies – and almost without fail there is a step that includes putting measurements in place to ensure what was implemented continually “gets done”.  Some call it sustainment, maintenance, control, measurement, verify.  It’s all about making sure your BIG WIN doesn’t become a flavor of the month project.


There’s no need to get into the details of those project management methodologies.  I am going to give you the top line steps to making sure you sustain your big wins!


  • Define success before you start!  Begin with the end in mind.  Make sure that your definition of success has measurable components that you can track post-launch so that you know you not only achieved success – but sustained success. 


  • Have balanced goals.   Focus on employees, customers and financial results.  You can’t achieve one goal at the expense of the other.  Reaching a significant financial goal while neglecting your employee experience will not last.  And the same goes for focusing solely on any one aspect of your business.  Establish metrics that show steady, consistent improvement across the board. '


  • Make your goals SMART.  The progression results in a truly meaningful metric. 
    • Specific – leave no room open for interpretation.

🛑    Help agents sell additional products.

✅    Increase number of new products sold to existing customers.

    • Measurable

🛑    Increase number of new products sold to existing customers.

✅    Increase number of new products sold to existing customers by 25%.

    • Attainable

🛑    Increase number of new products sold to existing customers by 400%.

✅    Increase number of new products sold to existing customers by 25%.

    • Relevant

🛑    Increase number of new products sold to existing customers by 25% - measured by number of appointments scheduled.

✅    Increase number of new products sold to existing customers by 25% - product sold requires receipt of first year’s premium.

    • Time bound

🛑    Increase number of new products sold to existing customers by 25%.

✅    Increase number of new products sold to existing customers by 10% within 12 months and 25% within 24 months.


  • Establish a measurement process.  Who is capturing the metrics?  How often?  Who is getting the report?  What action is being taken to reinforce wins and course correct misses?


  • Celebrate wins!  While rewards and recognition is its own topic, it’s relevant in this context.  I had the opportunity to work on some great projects in my years at both Disney and GE.  And I can tell you that people LOVE being recognized for their work on projects.  Recognition is a very personal thing – different people appreciate different forms of recognition.  In my opinion, EVERYONE loves some form of recognition that is tailored to the project.   Some of the best recognition I received during my time at Disney was a customized plaque for working on the refurbishment of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, a shadow box for working on the launch of My Magic Plus and a Star Wars nametag for supporting the opening of Galaxy’s Edge.  And everyone loves a personalized note from the sponsoring executive.  Never underestimate the power of a personal note. 


There is so much more that goes in to this.  Determining objectives in advance.  Identifying measures that will determine success of meeting your objectives.  Setting targets for each measure.  Ensuring you have work leveraged against each objective. 


You’re up to this work – it ensures the legacy of your vision you worked so hard to make a reality.  For you, it may be a necessary evil.  And you’re right … it’s necessary!


It’s time to celebrate!   You did it! 


You converted skeptics to advocates, established a governance and project structure, executed a plan with a purpose, inspired commitment from your team through thoughtful, planful communication and put measures in places to ensure you sustain these incredible results!


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Let’s do this!


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