3 Ways a Big Business Idea Gains Traction    

Aug 25, 2021
3 Ways a Big Business Idea Gains Traction    

A former colleague recently said to me “I love your website and it really resonates with me … but I am not a visionary.  I consider myself more of an idea person”.  We had some healthy conversation.  My first thought was that an idea person IS a visionary.  She went on to point out a leader we both worked with and she said “He is a visionary.  He takes great ideas and brings them to life”.  In reality, the leader she was speaking about was NOT a visionary.  He was an amazing leader.  He created an environment where his team felt safe to bring up their big ideas, and where those ideas could (at the very least) be tested.    


While some ideas should NOT come to life, every idea deserves the opportunity to be thoughtfully considered.  In that same conversation my colleague went on to say about herself “I come up with ideas and I put them out in the universe to see if they gain any traction”.  Imagine if they did!    


You don’t have to be a visionary leader to want big ideas brought to life in your organization.   Below are 3 ways to gain traction on a big idea that may transform your business.    


  1. You are a visionary leader

You may not use the term visionary.  Maybe you’re an idea person.  Or a dreamer.  Or maybe you’re a big thinker.  Regardless of the words you use – you envision an organization that maybe others don’t see.  If this is the case – you need to find the person that can help you get your stakeholders onboard and advance this work.  That person maybe on your team or in your broader organization, or maybe you need to find someone externally, like me, to bring that expertise.  In order for you to bring that big idea to implemented reality you need to find the integrator that will help you get started, gain traction and cross the finish line!

  1. You have a visionary on your team

If you have someone on your team who brings (maybe outlandish) ideas to you … hear them out.  Create an environment where your employees feel comfortable coming to you with ideas.  Be the leader that encourages out of the box thinking.  Give your team the room to develop those big ideas.  Provide a safe space for them to fail.  Not every idea will be a winner – so you need to give them permission to have a few bad ideas to reach the great one!   Then be their advocate, be their sponsor and surround them with the resources needed to make the idea come to life!

  1. You don’t have a visionary on your team

You’ve got options.  You can keep this gap in mind as you make hires on to your team.  You can contract with someone to take your team through a design thinking process.   You can actually develop visionary skills.  Spend time thinking about what the future of your organization could look like.  Compare your business to disparate industries.  For example, if you are in the healthcare field think about how an executive in the fast-food industry may solve your problem.  Consider your organization’s struggles from the customer perspective.  What would they have you change?  When you reach a dead end and are ready to abandon an idea – ask yourself why it won’t work.  Push yourself to not allow “because” to be a reason to desert an idea.   And then – go back to #1.  Find an integrator, and that may be you, to get started, gain traction and bring the big idea across the finish line.  


Steve Jobs once said “if you’re working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed.  The vision pulls you”.  Whether it’s a vision, a dream, an idea, or big thinking that has you looking at your organization’s future – make it exciting.  Let it pull you.  And surround yourself with the resources that can make it happen.


If you’re looking for that strategic partner who is excited to help you launch your big vision – schedule some time with me.  I am the integrator to your visionary and I am ready to help you get started, gain traction and bring your big business idea cross the finish line.  


About Me:  I'm Heather Havey and my consulting business helps visionary leaders bring their big ideas to implemented reality.   I’m passionate about efficiency and business transformation, and I will empower you to accelerate the achievement of your big goals.   I offer customized, no-nonsense, real-world solutions designed to position you as the hero in the reinvention of your business.    


Check out options for how we may be able to work together at https://www.heatherhaveyconsulting.com/services .  


And if you think you could benefit from having an expert partner with real-world, action-oriented change solutions that will absolutely work, let’s chat.  In your free strategy session, we’ll get those ideas out of the clouds and onto the road to results.  Schedule a complimentary strategy session to talk about bringing your vision to life.


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