3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Future Vision

Sep 01, 2021
3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Future Vision

One of the biggest questions I hear when leaders are ready to launch big initiatives in their organization is “who do we have that can lead this work”.  They start by looking at the usual suspects.


  • Those that have launched big work before.  They’ve likely moved onto new big work, or they got caught up in the great resignation because other companies are looking for folks to do big work.  
  • Those that have demonstrated the necessary skillset.  They likely don’t have capacity. There may be multiple large initiatives going on across the broader organization.  
  • Those that have capacity.  They likely don’t have the skillset needed and now is not the time to teach them how to manage large projects – the risk is too high. 


This indicates that you are thinking about this initiative as a DIY project.  But is launching an important project, maybe even the future vision for your business, really the right time to Do-It-Yourself?


Have you heard the acronym R-B-S.  It stands for Room Building Street.  These are the places you look when sourcing talent.  First you look close, in your department, at your level – is there someone “in the room” that can do the work?  Next you look for someone else in your business, someone with the skillset you need, someone recommended by your peers – is there someone “in the building” that can do the work?  Lastly, you may realize that no one in the room or in the building is available to do the work – so you look externally for a resource – you source someone “on the street” to help you do the work.  


There are a couple of really good reasons leaders look externally to support the launch of their big idea.



You’ve read about it before … we are in the midst of the Great Resignation of 2021.  Businesses are struggling as employees leave for new and better opportunities.  Your team is stretched to its limits.  You need dedicated attention to the work you’re ready to kick-off.  You need someone that can focus, not be distracted, and drive the work.  Maybe you don’t have someone that can dedicate their time to the work … so you assign it as a pet project to a leader.  It’s a great opportunity to get some exposure, show leadership another side of their skills, prepare them for their next big role.  Maybe you’ve told them that even though they have a “day job” – this new project is their “top priority”.  This is a tough assignment to give someone.  If they still have their day job … those emails, meetings, phone calls don’t end.  And if they don’t perform on this big project and it stalls out, or words yet, fails … that’s not the exposure your high potential manager wants!  

You as a busy leader don’t have capacity to do this work on your own.  



I remember when I worked in insurance – our district managers would promote their best sales folks in to management.  And you know what happened?   I bet you think that made for great management … nope, it meant those individuals were no longer great sales people AND they were not great managers as they don’t know how to coach and develop talent – it’s not their skill-set!  

 Do you have an operator on your high potential list … a really strong performer, ready for their next big opportunity.  Leading your change initiative MAY not be the best idea for them.  What about a really strong leader who’s the epitome of a developer … and you want to give them more visibility as a part of their career growth.  Managing stakeholders, driving change, implementing metrics and holding a team accountable to timelines MAY not be the opportunity for them to shine.  Go ahead and put both of these folks on the team – but don’t sabotage their success by stretching them farther than is reasonable for a high visibility, high risk project.  You risk these A players wanting to quit because they led a project that failed ... not because of them but because they aren’t ready yet.  

You don’t have the expertise in house to do this work on your own.  



Imagine that, using my heart and head communications questions, you’ve done the work to gain buy-in with your stakeholders.  They agree that something has to change, they may even agree with the future state vision.  They may not agree with the “how” you get there.  You need someone skilled assessing the situation, asking difficult questions and offering up solutions.  That can be tough for some leaders to accept when it’s coming from someone “on the inside”.    There may be a perception that the individual you’ve ask to step up is bringing their biases to the work.   A few requirements I have of clients are:  I need access to people and data, I need permission to ask tough questions and I need to be able to act independently and make recommendations based on my assessment.  If you bring someone to the table that can do that … you will have the respect of your organization.  

You don’t have the necessary objective perspective to do this work on your own.   


So now YOU may be thinking about you vision, big idea, project launch – and asking yourself “who do we have that can lead this work”.   Is it someone in the room … or someone in the building … or are you willing to eliminate some of the inherent risk with big change initiatives and find someone on the street that can help you get started, gain traction and bring the big idea across the finish line.


If you’ve tried the DIY approach without success.  If you’ve struggled with finding the right resource inside the organization to accelerate the achievement of your big idea - schedule some time with me.  We can create for you a plan to bring in the right resource whether it is me or not.  You need that plan to bring capacity, expertise and a new perspective to your organization. Together we will strategize to ensure your vision reaches implemented reality.


Let’s do this!


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