3 Essential Keys to Eliminate Burnout and Reduce Turnover

Jan 28, 2022
3 Essential Keys to Eliminate  Burnout and  Reduce Turnover

Employee burnout is not about the workplace, or the job.  It's about leadership.  As a leader you can control employee burnout, you can eliminate employee burnout. You read that right - as a leader it is well within your control to eliminate employee burnout and dramatically reduce employee turnover.   


I don't blame you for being skeptical.  It can be easy to throw your hands up and allow yourself to fall victim to the latest crisis that's plaguing employers.   Are you a manager or a leader?  Managers manage operations.  Leaders lead people. You are a leader.  You can flip The Great Resignation into The Great Retention.  Focus on these points and you will reduce OR eliminate turnover due to employee burnout.

Prioritize employee engagement

  • Ensure employees know what is expected of them and that they have a means to gain clarity.
  • Provide regular feedback so that they know how well they are meeting expectations.
  • Regularly check-in to make sure they have the tools necessary to allow them to be successful.
  • Remove barriers that are getting in their way.
  • Show genuine care.
  • Recognize accomplishments - big and small.
  • Establish a culture where they feel free to share opinions and feedback. 

Focus on employee well-being

  • Develop authentic relationships with your employees.
  • Recognize when your employee isn't bringing their best self to work due to their home well-being.
  • Recognize when your employees work well-being may be negatively impacting their personal life. 
  • Offer flexibility to ensure they are able to be fully present in both their work and personal lives. 
  • Respect employee differences and ensure they feel safe being their authentic self at work. 
  • Ensure third party resources (e.g. employee assistance plan) Is available and that employees are aware of how and when to access.

Establish a strengths-centered culture

  • Learn what your employees excel at AND enjoy.
  • Allow employees time to focus on what they are best at AND enjoy.
  • Recognize that what an employee is good at is not necessarily what the enjoy. 
  • Be willing to move a strong employee to another role or another team if their strengths lie elsewhere.

If your organization is not structured to allow you to do these things … don't be quiet about it.  As a leader you are responsible for advocating for your team.  Let your leadership know what you need (training, resources, support, policies) to establish a culture that puts people first.  

Note that I didn’t say it was easy. It takes commitment.  It takes courage.  It takes time.  You may not be able to eliminate all turnover.  What you will do is eliminate burnout … and turnover resulting from burnout. 

If you aren’t already - invest your time in your employees.   Put people before paper.  You'll be amazed at the ROI! 

About Me:   

I’m Heather Havey.  My consulting business brings the art of Disney and science of GE to clients looking to transform their operations.  I help clients fix, build and grow their businesses through a unique combination of analytical skills, contact center leadership, project implementation experience and an obsession with employee and customer engagement.   

My passion for relationship building and Six Sigma discipline is infused into every project.   With 20 years at Disney combined with 10 years at GE, I am equipped to help clients improve their employee engagement, deliver a world class customer service experience and optimize their existing resources. 

Whether you are a large service-oriented business with a desire to level up your customer service operation by benchmarking the Disney Guest experience, or a small to mid-sized business in growth mode looking to define or formalize customer service and recovery processes … I offer customized, no-nonsense, real-world solutions designed to position you as the hero in the reinvention of your business.


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